Healthy Grill & Barbecue Recipe Roundup

Healthy Grill & Barbecue Recipe Roundup

I don’t know about you, but Memorial Day always signifies the start of summer for me. It means I’ll have more opportunities to spend time outdoors soaking up in the sunshine, more social events packing my calendar and of course, a few extra holidays to take some time off work to enjoy some delicious healthy grilling recipes.

Healthy Grill & BBQ Recipe Roundup

Most of the foods that find their way to the grill are easily some of the unhealthiest foods out there – but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Since you get an extra day off this weekend, you’ll have a little time to spare in the kitchen, right?

Today I’m sharing a TON of awesome recipes that I’ve found all over the web that are not only delicious - but are nourishing and healthy too. This is a huge list – so pick a few and get cooking! Maybe even send this list to a few of your friends to ask them to bring a few dishes of their own to your summer barbecue gathering. Or pack a few of these along with some frisbees and a picnic blanket and make a day of it at the park. Whatever plans you have this weekend and all summer long – just remember that there are always healthy options.



While you’re gearing up for the main event, here are a few healthier choices to serve yourself and your guests. The trick to keeping it healthy is keeping it light. Choose one or a few dip options and instead of chips and crackers, have veggie sticks for dipping instead.

Healthier Guacamole

Salsa Verde

Homemade Fresh Salsa


Hummus & Cucumber Bites

Summer Rolls

Healthy Queso Dip

Greek Salad Skewers

Roasted Eggplant Dip

Frozen Grapesicles

Entrees (Meat)

Entrees (Meat)

For your main entree, choose a dish that will give you a good source of protein and flavor. Many of the recipes I’ve added to this list have utilized a lot of spices and fresh herbs for a light but dramatic flavor punch.

BBQ Apple Cheddar Burger

Oven Barbecued Chicken

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Tasty Turkey Burger

Sun Dried Tomato and Spinach Burger

Ground Sirloin Sliders

Mixed Fish Kebabs

Steak Kebabs

Grilled Shrimp & Chicken Kebabs

Maple Mustard Grilled Salmon

Entrees (Meatless)

Entrees (Meatless)

When eating meatless, you don’t have to feel like you’re going without. For a good boost in protein, choose one of the meatless burger recipes or tofu kebabs. Or go full veggie with some of the grilled veggie options like the portobello burgers or the veggie sandwich.

Citrus Tofu Kebabs

Grilled Veggie Skewers

Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Quinoa Burgers

Portobello Burgers

Grilled Eggplant Burgers

Sun-dried Tomato & Basil White Bean Burgers

Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Caramelized-Onion Veggie Burger

Grilled Stuffed Eggplant



Salads are a great way to get your veggies in at your summer barbecue. Many of the recipes I’ve chosen are loaded with fruits and veggies which will keep you cool from the warm weather. The traditionally heavy salads like potato salad or macaroni salad have been lightened up without mayo and the pasta has been traded out for a fruity quinoa salad instead.

Mango, Macadamia, Avocado Arugula Salad

Quinoa Salad Recipe with Blueberries, Strawberries and Watermelon

Tomato & Watermelon Salad

Grilled Vegetable Salad

Tropical Summer Salad

Grilled Potato Salad

Summer Quinoa Salad

Lime Quinoa Salad

Slaw Salad

Los Cabos Summer Salad

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

The sides are usually the main attraction of any barbecue get-together. These sides are healthy, because they’re simply prepared and mostly all fruits and veggies.

Healthy Baked Beans

Sesame Grilled Asparagus

Grilled Zucchini

Grilled Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy Grilled Kale

Grilled Potatoes

Spicy Grilled Corn on the Cob

Rainbow Fruit Skewers


Grilled Tomatoes



I love a good drink to sip on while grilling away – the ones I’ve chosen are mainly fruit based. The ones I’m sharing are flavored waters, no or low-sugar cocktails and healthier takes on old classics like the whole fruit margarita or the hibiscus Arnold Palmer. The sugar in the recipes here can be replaced with about half the amount of any natural sweetener (like honey or agave).

Healthy Pina Colada

Watermelon Breeze

Pomegranate & Lime White Wine Spritzer

Blueberry Watermelon Agua Fresca

Citrus Flavored Water

Hibiscus Arnold Palmer

Pomegranate Mojitos

Whole Fruit Margarita

Strawberry-Ginger Sangria

Agave Lemonade



What’s a summer gathering without dessert? Many of these desserts are frozen, which requires that you have a freezer nearby. But if you’re out and about at a park, you can opt for another fruity dessert like the grilled mango or pineapple instead.

Grilled Mango with Balsamic Glaze

Grilled Pineapple

Raw Banana Ice Pops

Vanilla Balsamic Strawberry Popsicles

Raspberry ‘Ice Cream’

Orange ‘Ice Cream’

Pineapple Floats

Strawberry Thickshake

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in keeping your barbecue and grilling season healthy. If you have some other healthy recipes to share, please put them in the comments below – there’s always room to add more to the list!

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  1. This was really a good idea to have a healthy line-up for holidays and grilling and the feel of celebration. Thanks so much!

  2. What a great round up! Thank you for including a link to my salsa verde. I’m looking forward to giving some of the other recipes you linked to a try. Thanks again!

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