Top 5 Healthy Costco Food Finds

Top 5 Healthy Costco Food Finds

When it comes to food shopping, I tend to get a little overwhelmed sometimes. Although I absolutely love coming up with menus and lists every week – the second I get to Costco to get some of my essentials, my list has a tendency of going by the wayside as I’m checking out all the new things I haven’t seen before and being sucked into how many dishwasher tabs I can get for under $15.

Shopping at Costco can feel like a big trap for anyone who is trying to eat a healthy diet. It’s hard enough walking by the bakery area without wanting to dive in head first to their massive pastries or rows upon rows of freshly made muffins. The aroma alone is dangerous.

Over time, I have developed a plan of attack for making my way into and out of Costco without completely blowing my healthy eating plan (although I have to admit, there was a rice krispy treat moment of weakness a few months ago).

The one thing to remember about letting your guard down with ANYTHING at Costco – is that your one indulgence will last for FAR longer than that one moment. For example – wanting to eat one rice krispy treat is not the same as buying 54 of them… then spending the next few weeks “getting rid of them.” Or buying a cheesecake… then “not wanting it to go to waste” for the next week.

With all of that said – I want to share with you 5 of the items that are ALWAYS on my Costco shopping list – just about every single time I go there. These top 5 healthy Costco food finds are healthy and delicious!

Frozen Organic Berries

Frozen Berries

Berries can get pretty expensive at my local health food store – not to mention they aren’t always in season. Even their frozen ones have run me close to $15 for half the size of this bag and that wasn’t even organic. This organic antioxidant blend I found at Costco is super tasty and came in less than $15 for almost double the amount. Score!

I’ll likely use most of these in smoothies, but might also thaw them out and top with a little cinnamon and honey for a tasty treat.

Raw Nuts

Top 5 Healthy Costco Finds: Raw Nuts

The raw nuts (and hemp seeds) you can find at Costco are a great find. I almost always have raw almonds and raw walnuts on hand (and store them in my fridge to prevent rancidity) for snacks, adding to granola, topping salads, or adding to my morning oatmeal.

Right now, Costco doesn’t offer organic nuts, but this is something I’m comfortable with – as this option fits into my current budget at this point.

Organic Chicken Breasts

Top 5 Healthy Costco Finds: Organic Chicken Breasts

I can’t make it in and out of Costco without picking up chicken breasts. We eat chicken at least twice a week in my house, and have found that the quality we find at Costco matches that of the chicken we get at our health food store, but at a much lower price.

Plus – most of the time, my husband and I can share one whole chicken breast when we have a few other side dishes – which stretches our grocery budget even further.

Organic Spinach and Spring Green Mix

Top 5 Healthy Costco Finds: Spinach & Spring Greens

Finding the organic spinach and green mixes at Costco have been a recent discovery for me. I’ve always shied away from Costco produce, since my husband and I usually can’t eat enough of the food before it goes bad. But this is one that when I keep it on hand, it forces me to get my green smoothies and salads in each week (not a bad problem to have!).

My health food store offers the exact same product but for $2 more, so I always pick the Costco version up when I’m there. Here’s a quick storage tip if you buy these too – Stick a paper towel in the package, gently wrap it around the greens as best you can. It will help absorb some of the moisture and keep it fresh longer.

Organic Chicken Stock

Top 5 Healthy Costco Finds: Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is an item of pure convenience. I know I can make it at home for less – and maybe even better nutritional quality. However, life doesn’t always give you time (or energy) to make your own chicken stock all the time. I love this product since I can read all the ingredients on the label and it tastes great in soups, sauces, and chilis.

Those were my picks! What are some of your favorite healthy Costco finds?

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